Install a Canadian English Language Dictionary on Firefox!

Do you see squiggly red lines under Canadian words like “colour” instead of American words like “color”?

I did. It bugged me, and, if you’re like most Canadians, it will bug the *hit out of you too. Most people solve this problem by simply asking Firefox to “add to dictionary” the Canadian spellings of the words that turn red. I’ve spent countless minutes, maybe even hours (in total) on adding Canadian words to dictionaries on my computer. That doesn’t solve the problem of the American words appearing as if they are spelled correctly, causing typos that you may not even catch.

No more!

There is a very easy solution for this! Go to: and download the Canadian dictionary. (It’s fast & free) Image

Your flow will no longer be interrupted because your browser doesn’t speak Canadian!

Oh, and Chrome does not have an extension for a Canadian-English dictionary (or at least not on the first page of my search results). Too bad for you Chrome users.


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