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Plunder Ventures is Looking for Talent Partners

Hi folks!

As we gear up to launch our flagship Venture, we are planning video-shoots. Want to be a part of Plunder?

We’re looking for super-talented individuals looking to partner with a savvy sales and marketing agency.

Land Ho!

Join us! Please fill out the following application.


Indredible Tip for Getting Things Done: One simple question that will change your life.

“I wish I knew how I could stop procrastinating!”  One of my intern ninjas said to me. Do you ever wish you got more done?

I used to struggle with procrastination in highschool, but since I founded Plunder Ventures, I’ve had a little extra motivation to nip bad habits in the bud.

In every situation where you’re thinking of taking the easy way out, say by out taking a break, doing an easier (yet meaningless) alternative task, stoping for a while, getting mad or upset, discussing it with friends and family who have no constructive input to offer, or in any other way putting off a task off until the future.

Try to catch yourself making excuses.  Ask yourself the following questions to see if there’s actually a case for procrastinating:

1. Will it take longer to do, or think about?

Longer to think about?JUST DO IT. Putting it off will only make it take longer, so if you really don’t want to do it, but it needs to be done, get it over with and you’ll greatly be better off in the long run.

Longer to do? Ask yourself question 2.

2.  When is the next time you will have the opportunity to do it?

Soon? Maybe you should just get it over with and do something else next time. Or maybe it’s not as important as something else you’re procrastinating that you can’t do so frequently.

In a while? Some things are better done now (IN THE PRESENT), because you might not have another present opportunity to do it again for a long time. In this case, you’d better do it, because next time may not be for a while. And a while, is something that NOBODY has to waste.

I dunno? JUST DO IT. Who knows, this may be your last chance to EVER write that once in a life time idea down.

Never? JUST DO IT! This is probably your last chance, so don’t waste time regretting not doing it later (guys, that’s why you kiss the girl when you have the chance to)

3. Will you procrastinate next time too?

This is when you have to get honest with yourself. If yes, maybe you should JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!!

4. No? Why not…? Could I prove it to Tristan? Think back at the last 5 times you were in this situation. Did you put it off then? Do you wish you hadden’t?

There’s a saying- the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today. Do it.

The same goes with setting a positive habit, kicking a bad one. Convinced that you’re not going to put it off next time? 

5. And why is that any different than this time?

Ah, so there’s something else you have to do…

6. Are you actually going to do it?

If yes… GREAT! Go do it!

If no… GREAT! Go do that other thing you were putting off!


7. And if the first 6 didn’t stop you, ask yourself this for one final blow. Wouldn’t you rather be doing some else next time?