About Us

Why Hello thar,

As you can tell, this blog is a mess! It’s brand new, fresh out of the wordpress womb. Cut this fetus some slack, we’ve got a lot of sh*t to do! Seriously though, let’s keep this strictly professional.

Some time ago, Andrei Calinescu and Tristan Parlette (that’s me) decided to start a business. Our shared passion for cool shit led us to the realization that selling cool shit over the internet, and to our friends, was a brilliant idea.

Though the name was changed from the ludicrously expensive “cool shit” ($25,000!), we still retained our venturing ambitions, and above all, our commitment to excellence. Some time later, Plunder Ventures was born, and a new flag-ship business plan, Plundersome.

But hold on, what exactly defines excellence for us?

The pursuit of knowledge, mastery and differentness of course. We have to know it all- that’s what being on top of your game is all about. We aren’t ignorant. We know there’s still much to learn, but we also know that we have plenty of time to learn it, and we’ve already got a huge head-start over the competition.

We have to be able to use what we know, otherwise, what’s the point? And lastly, we have to take what we know, and forge something different and better out of the ether. Plundersome is our first of many creations that will benefit from our collective wisdom and creative mindset. Plunder Ventures will soon experience its cambrian explosion.

What else? Below is a quick bio on the two founders:

Tristan Parlette:

  • 7th+ generation Canadian entrepreneur
  • Born and raised in Toronto
  • Lover of water-sports, and board-sports of all kinds
  • HBA graduate in 2011
  • Former waiter, acter, painter, franchisee, oil intern, and marketeer
  • Aspiring polymath
Andrei Calinescu:
  • Born in Romania
  • London Ontario sewer dweller
  • Longboarding vector
  • Science graduate at UWO in 2011
  • Photographer and connoisseur of awesomeness
So thar you have it. Cheeeeek back latar.

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